Monday, October 12, 2009

It's definitely autumn

Last week my roommate's mother sent her an enormous box FULL (literally) of Halloween decorations. It was bomb! I was so excited. So. We decorated. Here's my cute Halloween apartment!

Now all I have to do is plan a party.

Yesterday, I went for a stroll around Lexington/Washington and Lee with my friend. We came across a cute little park, and the BEAUTIFUL performing arts center. Photos:

You can tell it's getting cold because of the colors of the leaves and because I'm wearing my winter coat.
Speaking of winter....... Winter is cold. I DO NOT LIKE BEING COLD. And it's pretty much freezing already. Oh that's so perfect, because I don't live in the Lofts anymore where I could turn the heat up as high as I wanted and not be charged for it. Instead, I now live in an apartment where I must pay for heating. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see me in multiple layers on any given day in... OCTOBER? Something is wrong here.....
(no, I did not dress up just for the picture. I was really wearing this.)
I do like it when it's chilly during the day when the sun is shining though... that's always nice. But rare.
Today is a good day because it's "fall break", and there's no school. Tomorrow we don't have school either, because it's temple service day! I can't wait. I've never done baptisms in the Washington D.C. Temple before!! :)

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