Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23

Yes, I have loads to do, but I must take the time to do an update. Ok. Here are some baked french fries I made last week for my team (3 potatoes doesn't make a whole lot, ps):
Now. Volleyball is good, but also frustrating because there are a lot of young girls that don't seem to have the same "passion to win", if you will. It's fun, irregardless. These are some of the girls and I have a stellar time in the van!
Also, this is my sweet bruise:
It was so fun to have Mom, Suz and Dara come last weekend watch us play some volleyball!! Colton is the illest. I love you all and miss you. As always, check facebook for more pictures. :)


Nelson and Suz said...

LOVE YOUR UPDATE!!!! Okay, crazy bruise. When did you get that??? It was a blast this weekend! And yes, I will attest, he's very good looking - personality is so impressive too! :)

Shantelle said...

I think this blog is mostly for your two sisters. Thanks. Sure preciate cha. Love the bananna picture. Who thinks of stuff like that? Oh yea, you do.