Friday, September 25, 2009

New Favorite Dinner!

So as I scrambled for a quick dinner tonight, I came up with the brilliant idea to top some rice with Italian salad dressing. It was AMAZING!!! And then I warmed that up with a smoked chicken breast that grandpa smoked for me at the ranch before i came to SVU.... yummo. It was so divine. Please try it. I was in too much of a hurry to take a picture though, so I'm sorry... no visual.
I decided that I'm going to be Barbie for halloween. I'm super excited! Next step: the perfect outfit. Shan suggested my black pencil skirt with a silky pink shirt, huge hair, loads of makeup etc. Love it. I feel like I need something sparkly. Now, although GLITTER IS WHAT I LIVE FOR... my wardrobe is lacking in that area. :( Inspire me! And let THIS inspire YOU:
p.s. for the record, my casket and tombstone have to be sparkly and I have to be covered in glitter. ok sistas? Let this also inspire you:

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Shantelle said...

1st of all....quit talking about your casket for heavens sake!

2nd of all... another idea for the costume. get glitter spray and deck out your hair. and get super huge pink heels and spray them too.

that's it. keep the posts coming. i love the food ideas. thanks. i regularly eat mixed veggies and italian dressing. Sounds like I might need to add the rice and chicken.