Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday Morning :)

The best Sunday mornings are the ones when you wake up and know that you have the whole day to relax. I LOVE that. So this week, Josh and I decided to make waffles and eggs for breakfast. Not only was it relaxing, but it was also extremely delish. I couldn't resist a photo:
And then we read this creepy story called "A Rose For Emily" from my Seagull Reader. It was about a wealthy old woman with long grey hair who killed her lover with rat poison when they were like 30. She never left her house after that, and then after she died, they found the man's dead body in the upstairs bed.... and a long grey hair on the other pillow. So basically, she slept with a dead man every night. It was slightly disturbing.

For my 2-D Design class, we had an awesome assignment this past weekend. It was based on letters, and combining them together to create a design. I never really thought about this before we started working with letters, but letters are really, very beautiful. They are so symmetrical and just overall pleasant to look at. I debated between two designs, but decided to turn in the "gJO" design for my final product.

I wish we were doing more projects with letters and photoshop and such, but we are moving on to other things. :( I love you, sisters. Mucho mucho. And thank you for reading my blog. :)

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Nelson and Suz said...

Are you kidding??? I LOVE reading your blog!!! You are becoming so domestic! Oh, and your class sounds awesome. I've always wanted to learn more about Photoshop. You'll have to give me some pointers. I miss you tons and can't wait to see you in two weeks for Homecoming!