Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Love Salad.

That's my salad. I'm trying to eat as much food as I can before next Tuesday that will be "perished" when I return home from VOLLEYBALL NATIONALS!!! Yea yea yea! I'm so excited! Anyway, I'm pretty impressed with the colors I had available, because I'm getting low on variety. A Wal Mart run is tempting, but I will be strong.
Ingredients: Cabbage, apple, fetta, sesame seeds, yellow peppers, half an egg, unsalted dry-roasted peanuts, dried apples, and some vinaigrette. DELISH.


Nelson and Suz said...

You absolutely crack me up. I just love reading your posts. And I love everything about you. Thanks for the definition of stellar... I knew it meant amazing, but now it totally makes sense. ;) I'm totally impressed with your cooking creativity. I going to have to try some of those recipes! And I'm so glad you're enjoying the beautiful Blue Ridge... that is one thing I wish I had done more of while I was there. Fall just doesn't get any prettier than right there in BV.

Shantelle said...

can't go wrong with feta and apples. See you in 5 days.