Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend

I told you I would make these!

I made these for a Halloween party we went to. They are seriously amazing. I think they're so great because they're like little mini cakes! Haha

I was a Barbie for Halloween. :) It was great to wear pink and be covered in sparkles for a whole night! One of my friends decided he would be "Josh Patino" for Halloween. He stole his BYU soccer gear (Josh's trademark) and sunglasses, and did his hair all sweet (he even sprayed it dark). It was hilarious! He and I arrived to the party together. Everyone loved it! I thought it was very clever.

After the football game with some friends(we only go to support our dear friend David, the kicker. He's actually on the soccer team, but just kicks for the football team).

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