Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love everything

I love volleyball
I love volleyball

I love my sisters and my mom

I love being done with my philosophy paper... 1 of 5 major projects all due in the same week
I love being home and able to eat what I want... not what everyone else wants to eat
I love food blogs
I love nature

I love my nephew

And I love orange starbursts


Shantelle said...

and i love this post. thanks for throwing in the bit of orange starbursts. now i have a craving. great... also nice one posting the crazy zumba picture. miss ya already. bye.

Nelson and Suz said...

Yes, and we love YOU!!! What a heavenly little vacation we had with you. Thanks for giving us the reason. Missing YOU! Hope that because it's Friday it means your projects are finished. Enjoy your FREE weekend!!! What a crazy feeling!