Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I am grateful. SO grateful. For.... not having school for 3 days. :) That was a nice, and much needed break.
Real things that I'm grateful for:

I started the break out with a game of Frisbee golf. It was so much fun!! I played with real Frisbees, so it was LEGIT.

And then I went to the ranch with Suzanne and the Knights. It was so much fun to be with a family and CHILDREN. Kids are so nice.

And Colton is ADORABLE. I love making him laugh and smile... he thinks everything you do is hilarious!

So, dinner was amazing, of course. I felt absolutely NO guilt after Thanksgiving for feeling stuffed to the max. What a wonderful feeling! Eating actual meals becomes a rarity when you are always having to "grab something quick" or eat left overs for a week. So I really don't care if I have to work on that food baby for the next week, because I have made myself happy by eating large amounts of food.

Then I went to Washington DC for a few days with a friend. It was a BLAST! We saw the capital building (which we initially thought was the white house. We were so confused when we saw people on the front lawn! And then we got smart.) and we went to the natural history and airplane/space Smithsonians PLUS the Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson memorials. And we drove by the white house. It was great fun!

(This picture was taken when we knew that the building was the capital building.)

My love, the toad.

Jefferson Memorial

Washington DC is SUCH a beautiful city! I love it.
And now it's back to school. I CAN DO THIS. Only 2 more weeks of school, then finals. And packing up all of my stuff somehow. No biggie.


Shantelle said...

Love seeing pics of my two beautiful sistas. Funny about getting smart about which building is which. yes you can do it!!!

Nelson and Suz said...

Oh, my goodness... we LOVED being with you. You are a doll and a lifesaver...(have I told you that enough!) I love you tons. It was our pleasure. So glad you had a great time in D.C., too! We're counting down too! Missed you SHAN!