Monday, April 11, 2011

Kettle Popcorn

SWEET AND SALTY That is what my life is right now. My husband decided to go to Spain for a bit, and I am missing him dearly. How did I live without him before we were married?? He is so fun to have around. And easy. He's clean, doesn't complain, listens when I speak (when he isn't reading something about Jimmer on his iPhone of course.... understandable), AND he's really nice. I know I'm being vague, but that's me for you. So I miss him a lot. SALTY. Tonight, in my lonely apartment, I made Kettle Popcorn which is sweet and salty. Even though I miss Mr. Mark, it's kind of nice to mess up the house, watch what I want on TV the WHOLE time, and eat dinner at Whole Foods' salad bar -YUM-!!! And other things. SWEET! My kettle corn was mostly salty tonight, though. Kettle Popcorn (with cinnamon!)

  • 1/4 C popcorn kernels

  • 3 T. canola oil*

  • 2 T. sugar

  • 1/4 t. cinnamon (or more, if preferred)

  • salt, to taste
Mix cinnamon and sugar together in a little tiny bowl. Heat the popcorn kernels on med-high heat in a 2 quart saucepan that has a lid and pour the oil over the top. Shake it all up. The oil will start to sizzle. When the first couple of kernels start popping, pour the cinnamon sugar mix over the top and swirl around. Keep those kernels moving every once in a while so they don't BURN!!! Wait until the popping slows, then dump it all in a bowl. It'll be H-OOO-TTT. Then sprinkle with salt, the amount depending on the sweetness/saltiness of your day. I like this way of popping popcorn, because even though I love my whirly popper more than almost anything (so does Mark), the stove make a lot more half popped/almost popped kernels. Those are my favorites! My mother in law calls them the "Old Maids"... she likes them too. :) Oh, and you can easily half this. I did. It worked. *ONE last thing: Use less oil. That is all.


The Seelys said...

why is mark in spain without you?! horrible. i wish i could be there to keep you entertained! dustin just studies all day and leaves me all alone. haha i will have to try this popcorn! it sounds delicious!

Jennifer Miller said...

OHH! ben will love me forever if I make this for him!

Travis and Anna said...

how long is he in Spain? Travis is gone until August so I can relate to you girl. Not fun at all. Hope all is well with you!