Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Purpose of A Blog

What is the purpose of a blog? Why write into a void space where you may or may not have control who reads your stuff. Some people want as much traffic as possible, and some want to monitor exactly who sees pictures of their children. To each his own, I say.

I've been thinking, what is the true purpose of my blog? Here are the phases I've gone through:

1. Art documentation
2. My Life at College
3. Food

Now what? I have so many other interests: travel, family, fitness, health coaching, photography, music, LIFE... Sometimes I want to talk about day to day stuff, but I don't want to lose the integrity of my self acclaimed "food blog". Does anyone even care, besides myself? Probably not. And for that reason, I've decided I will write about whatever I want. I'm not much of a writer though. Maybe I'll focus more on the pictures. Regardless, I thank my loyal readers and comment-ers, (MOM C.!) for your support in my quest to discover my purpose on earth: what to write my blog about! But seriously. I enjoy the freedom to write my blog and that I can change it along with my life as it also changes.

And with that, here's a little photo inspiration.....

Happy Christmas!

Temple love.

Hopeful Future Kitchen Decor

I just like this. New perspective.

DIY bow shirt

Everyone loves a PB&J. These are cute cut out with cookie cutters

My Twin: Liv Tyler. Should I name my first born daughter after her?

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christensen mission adventures said...

Liv Tyler has nothing on my Samantha. You are so beautiful!! I love your blond hair, skinny body and your fun loving personality! You can cook, you can dance, you do so many wonderful things! What a blessed girl you are to be married to our son and to our family. You have made us just a little better. I hope you will continue to write your feelings and post pictures of your favorite things. I love you.